Brand Apart Natural

Cosmetics, which we create in response to changing needs are guided by the idea of natural beauty. We focus on what really matters – happiness and satisfaction which comes from the fact of being a natural woman. We believe that by nourishing your body with suitable cosmetics, your skin will gain shine. Our aim is to search for and create innovative conception of products. We create products which combine quality, unique ingredients and provide healthy and beautiful skin.

We also take care of men. Apart Natural Men series of shower gels for body, face and hair are practically multifunctional cosmetics which not only wash but also take care of healthy appearance of skin and hair and their fragrance relaxes and gives energy.

Under the sign Apart Natural you will find moisturizing shower gels, soaps, bath soaps with for example flower extracts, prebiotics, unique cleaning foams and bath liquids with hyaluronic acid and stem stells and many other products which may help you to relax and take care of skin.

Our mission is
to promote the idea
of natural beauty

We want you to believe,
that by discovering
the natural power of nature
you will delight yourself and others.


The name of the APART brand comes from the German word – sophisticated, unusual. Our cosmetics make this extraordinary and unique character.

The history of cosmetics under the sign of APART began in 1988. The brand made its debut with a line of bath liquids, in which is the undisputed leader to this day. The first cosmetics introduced to Polish market were produced in Germany. At the beginning of the 90s, cosmetics production started in Poland, initially in Gniezno, two years later in a modern production plant in Radom.

Today, APART cosmetics enjoy unflagging popularity and deserved trust of Polish consumers. Currently, the brand offers a wide and diverse scent of bath foams, shower gels and soaps. From the many years of tradition, we get the best of everything at the same time responding to the growing needs of your skin.

Quality and innovation

Our goal is to search for and develop innovative concepts for new products. We create cosmetics that combine new quality, unique ingredients and provide healthy and beautiful skin. Therefor in 2003, we launched the Research and Development Laboratory for Cosmetics, where a group of specialists and technologists develop recipes in line with the latest market trends.

As a result of their work we obtained an innovative cosmetics line based on preBIOtics. The new Apart PreBIOtic products effectively protect against negative environmental influences and strengthen the natural processes occurring in our skin. Learn more about the beneficial effects of preBIOtics.

The quality and safety of our products is guaranteed by the Quality Management System based on the ISO 9001: 2008 standards and the HFBC certificate.

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